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Latest Mathematics TEACHING PDF WORKBOOKS from piLEARN
02 Jun A-Level Pure, C4 Differential Equations, 2nd Edition
01 Jun A-Level Statistics, S1 Correlation
01 Jun Year 9 Set Theory
Fun => Bad at Maths ? L'Oreal's advert fails to make the grade
Fun => Mandelbrot Explorer in a Web Browser A classic revisited


Photograph : Henry Segerman


About piLEARN
Welcome to piLEARN, an educational resource with a focus on mathematics. My name is Martin Hansen and I've taught at Shrewsbury School since 1988. The
  school is boarding, coeducational, with 740 pupils. The purpose of this website is to make available to students and parents the tried and tested teaching resources that I've developed during my twenty-six years at the school. They continue to evolve; fresh material is added frequently, usually immediately after being used with students. I also like the idea of giving something back to mathematics; all who pass through are welcome to take away whatever they find useful and interesting.
The teaching materials presented through piLEARN have been prepared with the idea of a paperless school in mind. The PDF-downloads are designed to be annotated on screen as the reader progresses through the chapters. To do this as a highly motivated and organised adult, an iPad is ideal. I hesitate to claim that affordable computing technology has yet reached the stage where this is a practical proposition for classroom learning with pupils. That time will come.


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