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New (18th September 2013)
RISC OS Portsmouth Show Banner
Please help to advertise the RISC OS Portsmouth Show on 28th September 2013 by flying the banner below on your website, twitter page, facebook page etc.

The banner should link to
See the piLEARN Home page for a working example.
Something geek like <A HREF=""><IMG SCR="" WIDTH="326" HEIGHT="60" BORDER="0"></A> should work!


24th February 2012
Tartan for Raspberry Pi by Martin Hansen
High resolution 2000 by 1900 pixels, 6MB
Download Image (PNG file)
Visit the ArtGraph Exhibition 2012 


21st January 2012
Alpha board slide show
piLEARN is delighted to present these exclusive photographs of a Raspberry Pi alpha development board. Fifty of these were made mid-2011 for testing and debugging purposes. Ten beta boards, more like the final production model, were auctioned on eBay, January 2012. Sales of the finalised production board are scheduled for February, 2012.


Images © 2011, Martin Hansen for piLEARN
This resource may be freely copied & used
provided the copyright notice is retained

Flicker Animation of Raspberry Pi logo

PiFlick is a (free) Flicker animation of the Raspberry Pi logo slowly rotating by Antario. The tracker music is Ocean by A-Lin.
Download PiFlick (Flick file, zipped)
A review of one of the albums of tracker music, Tunes From The Chip, that comes packaged with Flicker can be found on RISCOScode. Flicker runs on Risc PC, Iyonix and BeagleBoard. It should work as it is on the Raspberry Pi. Flicker costs £15 and is sold by The MathMagical Software Company .


Logo Bundle
In one zippped file, I've placed ArtWorks files of the piLEARN and Raspberry Pi logos. The file also contains the graphics in SVG and EPS formats.

I drew the piLEARN graphic and am releasing it as open source. The Raspberry Pi logo was designed by Paul Beech and is the official logo of the Raspberry Pi brand. As such respect is due; For example, the Pi logo features on the piLEARN masthead and I checked with them first that they were OK this. Jim Nagel, Editor of Archive magazine, has done work on reducing the file size of the Raspberry Pi design without reducing the quality of the image.
Download vector graphics file (ArtWorks, EPS, SVG formats in a zip file)


Quicksand, Official Raspberry Pi font
The official font for Raspberry Pi is Quicksand by Andrew Paglinawan.
The piLEARN version is used for all headings and the navigation buttons on this site.
Andrew Conroy's newer conversion is, however, recommend.
Download Andrew Conroy's Quicksand for RISC OS
Download piLEARN Quicksand for RISC OS (Zip file)

This screenshot from the RISC OS desktop shows the seven Quicksand styles in a !Draw window. On my Iyonix I placed it in ADFS::HardDisc4.$.!Boot.Resources.!Fonts and then restarted the machine.

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